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At Welt Tokyo, we believe that clean, safe and pure water is essential to life and critical to human progress. Pollution, climate change, and population growth however, challenge our societal, economic and environmental well-being. To help combat these issues, we offer innovative solution and technology in water management and conservation.

Welt Tokyo empowers people to deploy and develop innovation in water management to solve water challenges globally.

Our impact is direct – new solutions to key water problems and irrigation.




Through our various service offerings, we help companies and farmers to better understand the opportunities using the innovation bring new future.

What We Offer

Our team has expertise and big data on the changing landscape of water and its conservation. Topics and themes that we track relevant to the water and irrigation industries include:


  • New Irrigation Business Models

  • Smart Water Collection and Sorting

  • New Water Conservation Business Models

  • Water Metering and Data

  • Enabling Technologies – AIs, Drones, Blockchain, Big Data and more

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The Water Innovation Opportunity

  • The market for water products and services exceeds $600 billion globally

  • Demand for innovation is rising as the world faces increasing pressure on its water systems

Welt – Tokyo’s Advantage

  • Welt-innovation provides farmers with the resources, insight and solution to launch and optimise irrigation

  • We partner with leading utilities, corporations, investors, academic institutions and associations committed to advancing water innovation

Innovative Solution For The Future

We are a multi-disciplinary innovation company committed to focussed and efficient energy saving solutions

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