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Irrigation Innovation

The complex agricultural production system has evolved over time through scientific discoveries and other innovations. It is this dynamic nature that will equip agriculture to cope with the competing challenges of addressing food and nutrition security, improving livelihoods, combating climate change and sustainably managing natural resources..


The R&D team of Welt innovation is revolutionising the agricultural industry through the promotion and adoption of scientific farming and irrigation practices.


Efficient Water Management

Water is indispensable for all agricultural activities. The unpredictable monsoon rains coupled with increasing demand for food production has made smart irrigation imperative for agriculture. Water management must be designed to augment local water resources and effective waste-water treatment. Area-specific R&D on irrigation technologies can play an important role in this regard.

New age water management systems such as advanced irrigation allow regular release of water directly to the roots of the plants through a network of economically designed irrigation methods. With the efficient use of the above mentioned technologies and further R&D, small farmers can cultivate year round and increase crop productivity.

Environment-Friendly Agriculture

Use of biotechnology in agriculture can reduce vulnerability of crops to environmental impact and over dependence on chemical fertilisers to improve yield. Off late, technologies with respect to bio-formulations have been found effective against soil borne pathogens to maintain the productive capacity of agro-ecosystems. Research shows that adoption of zero-tillage agriculture can save water by as much as 11 per cent as against the conventional sowing techniques.

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