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Reducing A/C bills and Carbon Footprint everyday

Welt-Innovation offers energy saving solution and services that help customers to achieve their eco-efficiency goals in every phase of their building construction life-cycle and air-conditioning system.

We are introducing CONTINEWM® for commercial Air conditioning systems which can reduce total AC electricity power use.

The CONTINEWM® is made with a mixture of specific clay mineral and low-density polyethylene, when the air pass through the CONTINEWM® it become electrically natural state, that making heat transfer much smoother through the AC unit and increases the heat exchange ratio of the AC unit. That results in more efficient for the AC compressor running and uses less energy.

The advantage of using the CONTINEWM® is, which is flexible and easy to fits in most type of air-conditioning devices for commercial and business use.

Even if you fix the CONTINEWM®, it doesn’t require any additional maintenance, or power supply and it will have a longer life of the AC unit with using it.







  • Easy Installation – There is no need for modification of the AC unit. Just simply install before the air filter intake side.

  • Save Cost – Saving on energy consumption by up to 25% through the with it’s discharging technology with specific clay minerals which improves the heat exchange efficiency of the AC unit.

  • Environment Friendly – Just by installing to AC, in operation, it reduces the electricity bill. Which it reduces CO2 in daily activities without using any power source.

  • Help to make clean air – The odor in the air passes through CONTINEWM®, it making less prone to smell. The odor-less air is distributed throughout the space, and naturally create clean atmosphere.

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